Rural Policy Matters: September 2014

Last Updated: September 24, 2014

Rural Policy Matters: September 2014

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The September issue of RPM explores new child poverty data; describes recent Rural Trust activities related to place-based learning; examines three current school finance lawsuits; considers recent developments in state and federal initiatives related to teachers; and reports on Missouri’s new law expanding the ability of employees to bring guns to school.

Facts and Figures About Poverty and Rural Children
What percentage of rural American children live in poverty?

Poverty Rates Unchanged for Rural Children
Newly released census data find that overall rates of poverty in the U.S. declined very slightly in 2013. Child poverty rates also fell slightly. Yet nearly one in four American children live in poverty and rates vary widely among states, across racial/ethnic groups, and between place types.

Place-Based Learning Offers Variety of Resources
Rural schools and communities use the resources of place to enhance academics and community life.

Action on School Finance Lawsuits Heats Up
Courts in Washington and Texas have issued rulings favoring school districts, and a new school finance lawsuit is filed in Mississippi.

Battles Continue Over Teacher Employment Issues
Politically charged fights over teacher tenure, contract negotiations, and testing rage on in states and at the federal level.

Missouri Expands Concealed Carry in Schools
Missouri joins other states that allow guns in schools.