Rural Policy Matters: May 2014

Last Updated: May 27, 2014

Rural Policy Matters: May 2014

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The May issue of RPM presents information from Why Rural Matters 2013–14; features the personal story of one rural teacher and some of the complex issues facing teachers; and reviews a new report on the importance of supports for young children and their families and what states are doing about it.

Facts and Figures About Rural School District Sizes
What is the median size (the size at which half of districts are larger and half are smaller) of a rural school district in the U.S.?

Why Rural Matters 2013–14 Released
The Rural Trust releases Why Rural Matters 2013–14.

A Rural Teacher Makes a Tough Decision
It wasn’t discipline in the usual sense, nor the demands of a small school, but lack of support and policies that seem bent on student failure that prompted one accomplished rural teacher to make a heart-breaking decision.

Early Childhood Supports Key
A new guide makes a compelling case that states can improve educational and economic outcomes with policies and programs that support young children and their families. The guide includes also links to efforts that some states are already implementing successfully.