Rural Policy Matters: March 2014

Last Updated: March 24, 2014

Rural Policy Matters: March 2014

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The March issue of RPM profiles North Mitchell Elementary where an emphasis on health is connecting students to their own communities; explores data released in a new federal report on equity in schools; reports on the most recent developments in the Kansas school finance case; and examines issues of school funding fairness in a recent report from the Education Law Center.

Fact and Figures About Where U.S. Poverty Rates Are Highest
Are poverty rates higher in metro or nonmetro counties in the U.S.?

Focusing on Wellness Connects Students to Their Communities
A south Georgia elementary school commits to helping kids get and stay fit and healthy—and connected to each other and their diverse community.

Discipline, Teachers, Curriculum, Preschool: Equity a Big Challenge in U.S. Schools
Comprehensive data from all U.S. public schools demonstrates that some groups of students consistently face challenges to educational opportunity in school.

School Funding Unconstitutional in Kansas
The Kansas Supreme Court has found the state is failing to meet its constitutional requirement to provide equitable funding for school districts.

Report Finds Negative Effects of Recession on School Funding
A recent report finds that education funding has declined in most states since the Great Recession—and that funding has become less fair.