2013 Global Teacher Fellows Selected

Last Updated: April 12, 2013

This article appeared in the April 2013 Rural Policy Matters.

The Rural Trust has announced the winners of the 2013 Global Teacher Fellowship travel awards.

The 33 recipients represent a wide variety of subjects and grade levels. They teach in rural communities in 14 states across the country.

The Fellowship supports teachers to travel to an international destination of their choice. Recipients research an area of interest, create a travel itinerary to explore their interest, and consider how their experiences might impact their approaches to teaching.

This year recipients will travel to Africa, Australia, Central America, the Middle East, New Zealand, Scandinavia, South America, Southeast Asia, and Western Europe. The teachers’ interests are as varied as their journeys. They include explorations of differences in agricultural techniques, the roots of fairy tales, ways communities have coped with rapid social and economic change, arts and culture, civil rights and citizenship, and ancient history.

Look for more information about the adventures of the 2013 Global Fellows in upcoming issues of Rural Policy Matters.


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