Rural Policy Matters: July 2012

Last Updated: July 27, 2012

Rural Policy Matters: July 2012

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The July 2012 edition of Rural Policy Matters includes stories about the travels of the Rural Trust Global Fellows; i3 Development grants; Impact of Charter School Funding on Small Districts, Discipline News, Rural School Funding News, a graph, and more.

Facts and Figures About States With High Rural Student Populations
Question: More than half a million students attend rural schools in each of these three states; which states are they?

A Life-Changing Experience: Global Fellows Travelogue, Part 1
Global Teacher Fellows are traveling the world and sharing experiences — and photographs.

Fostering Happiness and Success in the Classroom
Two rural North Carolina elementary schools have been selected as recipients of awards from the Leonore Annenberg School Fund for Children.

2012 Chelsea Jerome: 2012 Rural Recipient of Scholarship from Leonore Annenberg College Scholarship Fund
A Vermont student is the latest rural recipient of a scholarship from the Leonore Annenberg College Scholarship Fund.

Ten Highly Rated i3 Pre-Applicants Focus on Rural Education
Among the 124 highly rated pre-applicants for i3 Development grants, ten selected Rural Education as an Absolute Priority.

Some Effects of Charter School Funding Plans on Smaller School Districts
The rapid expansion of charter schools in some states is raising questions about their impact on the funding of regular public schools.

USDA Releases Resource Guide for Rural Communities
The USDA has released a guide to resources available to rural communities through several federal agencies.


School Discipline Policy

New Report Finds Harmful Health Effects of Harsh Discipline
A new report concludes hat harsh and exclusionary discipline practices can have negative effects on students' mental and physical health and positive discipline can help improve overall well-being. 


Rural School Funding News

Missouri Plan Prorates Funding Shortfall Among Districts
A State Department plan stabilizes funding in Missouri, but leaves the poorest districts without the funding increases they were due.

New York Funding Lawsuit Moves Forward
Plaintiffs may continue with a lawsuit that charges the state’s school funding formula is inequitable. 

Six Finance Lawsuits in Texas
Two lawsuits brought by charter school organizations bring the number of school finance lawsuits in the state to six.

Pennsylvania Lawsuit Raises New Issues
A school finance lawsuit filed in federal court raises questions about special education and charter schools as well as adequacy of state funding.



Total Number of Charter Schools by Locale, 2009-10
This chart shows the distribution of charter schools among urban, suburban, town, and rural school districts.