Rural Policy Matters: June 2012

Last Updated: June 26, 2012

Rural Policy Matters: June 2012

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The June 2012 edition of Rural Policy Matters includes stories about changes to state charter school laws; updates from Global Fellows; new emphases on place in federal programs; inaction on Highly Qualified Teacher rules; Michigan urges an end to zero-tolerance discipline policies; Rural School Funding News, a graph, and more.

Facts and Figures about States With Most Schools in Rural Places
In which 15 states are more than half of all schools located in a rural place?

North Carolina, Others, Hotly Debate Charter School Rules
North Carolina is just one of the states embroiled in fierce debate, legislative activity, and court involvement over the role of charter schools in the future of public education.

Charter Schools Enroll Fewer Students with Disabilities, Report Finds
Charters have significantly fewer students with special needs, according to the GAO, but the reasons why are unclear.

Travel Inspiration from Global Fellow
Carol Trickler, one of the 2012 Global Fellows, shares her inspiration.

"Impact in Place": A New Federal Policy Direction?
Several federal initiatives have made place a key concept. A report released this month describes some of these initiatives. RPM provides interpretation and a rural perspective.

Future of Highly Qualified Teacher Rules Still Unclear
The Rural Trust, along with nearly 100 education, civil rights, and disability groups is urging Congress to reserve Highly Qualified status for teachers who have completed certification training.

Parents as Teachers Featured in Latest Rural Trust Webinar
The Parents as Teachers program is a home visitation model that supports families with young children. Participating children have seen big gains in general development, school readiness, health, and parent-child involvement.

Many Thanks to RSFN Editor Amanda Adler
Special thanks to Amanda Adler who served as Interim Editor of RPM from March through May.


White House Rural Council Announces Rural Online Community
The U.S. Department of Education announced a new initiative of the White House Rural Council: online community of practice group for rural schools.

New Race to the Top Stresses Student-Teacher Relationships
Race to the Top guidelines announced late last month prioritize programs that build relationships between students and teachers at the classroom level.


School Discipline Policy

Michigan State Board of Education Advises Districts to Revisit Zero-Tolerance Policies
Policymakers in Michigan have passed a resolution advising districts to address the alarming rates of suspensions and expulsions that have resulted from zero tolerance policies.


Rural School Funding News

Education Funding Reports Grade States and Districts
Several recent analyses of education spending have been released, and rural school finance advocates will recognize the themes.

Major School Finance Litigation Underway Again in Kansas
Following a strong decision in their favor, Kansas districts are now challenging the state’s underfunding of education over the past six years



Distribution of Traditional, Charter, and Public Schools by Locale, 2009–10 School Year
Rural communities are home to 33% of the nation's regular public schools, 16% of charters, and nearly 23% of private schools.