Children's Defense Fund National Conference: July 22-25, 2012

Last Updated: April 26, 2012

The Children’s Defense Fund (CDF) national conference will gather 3,000 leading researchers, educators, policymakers, practitioners, faith leaders, and advocates including 1,500 young adult leaders from July 22–25 in Cincinnati, Ohio.

When 16.4 million children are poor, 8.3 million children don’t have health care, and a majority of children cannot read or compute at grade level in the fourth, eighth, and 12th grades — we have a growing national crisis that demands an urgent response in these politically volatile and polarized times.

At this event you'll find cutting-edge plenary sessions and dozens of compelling workshops, all focusing on the latest research and best practices, community building models, and community and youth empowerment strategies to close the gap between what we know works and what we actually do for our most vulnerable — children and the poor.

Register today and add your voice to those of top experts, leading practitioners, and committed activists to help shape a robust national conversation on economic inequality and the urgent needs of children and the poor in 2012 and what we can all do to change the odds and change the outcomes for those being left behind.

At CDF's first national conference since 2003, participants will examine strategies to close off the major feeder systems fueling the Cradle to Prison Pipeline™ and mass incarceration including:

  • Poverty 
  • Racial disparities
  • Zero tolerance school discipline policies
  • The achievement gap between poor and nonpoor.

Find out more and register today at