Rural Policy Matters: March 2012

Last Updated: March 30, 2012

The March 2012 edition of Rural Policy Matters features reminders about upcoming Investing in Innovation Development Grant deadlines, stories on an important policy victory in Arkansas and foundation-building in that state; coverage of the Southern Regional School-to-Prison Pipeline ActionCamp; Rural School Funding news; and more.

Rural Policy Matters: March 2012

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Facts and Figures About Rural Student Poverty
Which state has the highest rate of poverty (as measured by eligibility for federally funded subsidized meals) among rural students?

Don’t Miss Upcoming i3 Deadlines!
Investing in Innovation Development Grant pre-applications must be submitted by April 9, and the deadline to apply to be a peer reviewer has been extended.

Arkansas Rural Advocates Protect Transportation Funding for Districts
Arkansas’ Rural Community Alliance averts a transportation funding loss of over $100K that would have impacted some of the state’s smallest districts.

RCA and Allies Explore New Ways to Build Support for Their Work
Arkansas’ Rural Community Alliance convenes training on foundation-building in Alpena.

ACE Amendment Voted Down But Issue Remains Alive
U.S. House Education and Workforce Committee does not advance All Children are Equal Act, but important groundwork was laid to move ahead.



Rural Advocates Attend Strategy Workshop to Combat Harsh School Discipline
North Carolina and South Carolina rural education working groups connect with others in the region who are working to dismantle the School-to-Prison Pipeline.

School Discipline Reform Underway in Colorado
Student-led efforts have culminated in legislation that would reduce suspensions and expulsions in Colorado.

New Civil Rights Data Released
New federal data reveal significant racial disparities in school discipline and provides tools for advocacy.


Rural School Funding News

Idaho School Districts Will Absorb Declining Enrollment Cost
A bill to protect schools from year to year funding swings has passed in Idaho, but local districts are footing the bill.

Budget and Policy Debate in Alaska Influenced by Finance Litigation
Alaska legislators argue over how to support schools but all are conscious of what the court has ordered.

Trial Date in Kansas School Funding Suit Looms Large
School districts suing the State of Kansas will return to court this June, and both the governor and the legislature are taking steps to try to mitigate the eventual effect of the lawsuit.



School Safety Measures: Violent Victimization at School
Rural school rates are half that of suburban schools and almost two-thirds lower than those of urban schools.