Rural Policy Matters: February 2012

Last Updated: February 23, 2012

Rural Policy Matters: February 2012

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The February 2012 edition of Rural Policy Matters features a story on the rural Leonore Annenberg Scholarship recipients; Rural Trust Executive Director Doris Terry Williams appointed to working group on dropout prevention and recovery; ACE Act to be considered as an amendment on February 28; Consolidation and charter laws make conflicting claims; Rural School Funding news; and more….

ACE Act Will Be Considered for Adoption February 28, 2012
The House Education and Workforce Committee will be considering adoption of the ACE Act on February 28 ….

Facts and Figures About States Where Rural Enrollment Doubled in the Past Decade
 In which eight states did rural enrollment more than double from 1999–2000 through 2008–2009?

Rural Leonore Annenberg Scholars Appreciate Opportunity
Each year the Rural Trust works with the Leonore Annenberg Scholarship Fund to identify a rural student for the generous Leonore Annenberg Scholarship. Those Scholars have been very successful at their selective colleges. Some of the recipients reflect on what the Scholarship means for them ….

Rural Trust's Williams Joins Work on Dropout Prevention and Recovery
Doris Terry Williams, Executive Director of the Rural Trust, was recently appointed to the rural education technical working group on dropout prevention and recovery established by the U.S. Department of Education ….

Finding Ways to Keep Students in School
Some states and districts are seeking the right combination of policy changes that will reduce dropout rates ….

Consolidation and Charter Policies Make Conflicting Claims
A new wave of legislation advocating the creation of charter schools uses arguments that run counter to those often used to close small schools and districts. Both policies raise complicated questions of equity and opportunity ….


Rural School Funding News

California Bus Funds Restored, But Districts Must Cut Budgets Elsewhere
Rural school districts will be able to continue to provide transportation this year and next, but schools will still have to reduce their budgets immediately; a lawsuit contends that schools are continuing to charge illegal fees to students to cover budget needs ….

Georgia Looking for Ways to Support Rural Teacher Recruitment
Georgia will use part of its Race to the Top award to reward teachers for relocating to rural districts ….

Washington High Court Rules Funding Is Inadequate
Olympic State school funding plaintiffs have won a major victory that confirms that the state’s responsibility to fund schools is not offset by fiscal crisis ….

Alaska's Rural Districts Settle Lawsuit; Win Additional Funding
Rural and remote schools in the state will share $18 million for programming as the state continues to hone intervention activities mandated by the ruling in Moore v. Alaska ….

Colorado Defendants Will Appeal Loboto Plaintiff Decision
Implementation of a new funding formula in Colorado will likely be delayed by appeals by that state’s governor and State Board of Education ….



Instructional Expenditures per High School Graduate
Smaller high schools spend more per high school student, but much less per high school graduate ….

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