Rural Policy Matters: January 2012

Last Updated: January 27, 2012

Rural Policy Matters: January 2012

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The January 2012 edition of Rural Policy Matters announces the resignation of long-time Policy Director, Marty Strange; covers the release of Why Rural Matters 2011–12; provides an update on proposed rural post office closures and what one statewide group is doing in response; Rural School Funding News; and more...

Facts and Figures About Number of U.S. Students Attending Rural Schools
What percentage of U.S. students attend school in a rural district or a rural school in an urban district?

Marty Strange, Long-Time Policy Director At Rural Trust Resigns
Earlier this month, Marty Strange, Rural Trust Policy Director, resigned his position to return to consulting on a range of rural issues.

Why Rural Matters 2011-2012 Released this Month
Overall rural enrollment in the nation’s schools continued to increase in recent years, in part because of significant increases in the numbers of Hispanic students. Rural poverty has also increased. These findings and many more were revealed with the release of Why Rural Matters 2011–12 earlier this month. Learn about rural education issues in your state and across the nation.

Rural Arkansans Bring National Attention to Post Office Closures
Arkansas's Rural Community Alliance has helped communities across the state fight back against proposals to close their post offices. In the process, the organization has garnered national attention and brought a rural perspective to this important nationwide issue.



Maine Bill Would Prevent Expulsion Without Reentry Plan
Schools would not be allowed to expel students unless they have a plan to help students get back in school.


Rural School Funding News

Vermont School Funding System Works
Vermont's school funding system, which is unusual among states, provides funding levels that are equitable across districts and limits school property taxes to a percentage of household income.

Vermont's Most Unusual, Most Equitable School Funding System in a Nutshell
Vermont's school funding system works to ensure strong educational opportunity for students across the state, no matter where they live. RPM explains how the system works.

California's Frontal Assault on Rural Schools
Rural schools could bear the brunt of a proposal to end all funding for school transportation in California.

The U.S. School Transportation System Is Massive
School buses transport 26 million public school students every day.

Money Matters When It Comes to Education
A new report analyzes school funding and student outcomes and finds that funding levels do make a difference. The analysis refutes claims, often argued by states defending their school funding systems, that funding levels don’t matter.

Desegregation/Funding Decision in Arkansas
A U.S. Circuit Court has reversed a lower court ruling ending state payments to support desegregation efforts in three Arkansas school system.



Public School Enrollment Increase, 1999-2009
Enrollment growth in rural schools outpaced other schools in recent years.