Formula Fairness Campaign Gains Three New Sponsors

Last Updated: December 22, 2010

This article appeared in the December 2010 Rural Policy Matters.

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This month, three new organizations became co-sponsors of the Formula Fairness Campaign, bringing the total number of state and national organizations that have joined as co-sponsors to 20.

The Vermont Rural Partnership (VRP) is a coalition of 30 communities “committed to making a seamless connection between school and community.” VRP focuses its efforts on curriculum of place, service learning, student leadership, school community partnerships, assets development, and documentation and assessment.

The Minnesota Rural Education Association (MREA) represents 140 districts and includes individuals, education agencies, colleges, and businesses among its members. The Association supports a robust legislative agenda focused on ensuring opportunities for all Minnesota students and working for equity for schools, communities, and taxpayers.

Challenge West Virginia is a statewide organization of parents, educators, and citizens committed to maintaining and improving small community schools. It has chapters in more than half of the state's 55 school districts. Challenge works at both the state and local level to improve public policy for rural students and communities.   

Other co-sponsors of the Formula Fairness Campaign include: the American Farm Bureau Federation, Arkansas Rural Education Association, California Small Districts Association, Center for Rural Affairs, Michigan Small and Rural Schools Association, Missouri Association of Rural Education, Montana Small Schools Alliance, National Alliance of Black School Educators, National Rural Education Advocacy Coalition, North Carolina Rural Education Working Group, Organizations Concerned about Rural Education, Pennsylvania Association of Rural and Small Schools, Rural Community Alliance, Rural School and Community Trust, Save Alabama’s Small Schools, South Carolina Rural Education Grassroots Group, and the Texas Rural Education Association.

For more information about the Formula Fairness Campaign and how your organization can participate or become a co-sponsor, contact Formula Fairness Campaign Coordinator Marty Strange.

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