Rural Trust Wishes Harrison Well in New Position

Last Updated: November 26, 2010

This article appeared in the November 2010 Rural Policy Matters.

This month the Rural Trust says good-bye to Lynnette Harrison who has worked as Field Services Coordinator of the Policy Program since 2001. Harrison has taken a new position with the DeKalb County (Georgia) Board of Health, where she will be sharing her immense community talents.

While at the Rural Trust, Harrison worked to create and support statewide citizen organizations in Arkansas, Alabama, and South Carolina and worked with state groups in ten other states, often traveling to states and working one-on-one with individuals and groups. She also hosted the first Rural Education Working Group meeting in Atlanta.

"I grew up in a rural community and worked in rural communities in my prior work. I was happy to be able to continue in that vein with the Trust. It has been great getting to know people and the issues they care so deeply about," says Harrison. "Seeing hope in their eyes when they realize they can do something about their issue, that they could be a catalyst for change, is really inspiring. I have met some of the best people I will ever know and had some of the best times of my life in rural communities where we have worked."

Page McCullough, Manager of the Field Services Unit, says that Harrison is really good at helping people develop their work. “She taught people to be good organizers and helped them to develop their skills, but she had no need to control and knew when to let go. Lynnette truly believes that people are capable of organizing themselves and changing things. She has great judgment and humor and persistence. The world would be a better place if there were more people like her.”

“When we interviewed Lynnette it was plain to see that there was not an ounce of nonsense in her," says Marty Strange, Rural Trust Policy Director. "She spoke plainly and got right to the point and didn’t waste words. She had the quiet strength of someone who has been tested. I knew that she would relate well to people in all kinds of rural places, that she would be patient, and that she would endure. She has never disappointed me.”

The Rural Trust is grateful for all the ways that Harrison has grown our work and taught and inspired us all. Lynnette, we know you will continue to do great work. We wish you all the best. And, we miss you already.

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