Kansas Faces Multiple School Funding Issues

Last Updated: November 29, 2009

This article appeared in the November 2009 Rural Policy Matters.
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Kansas is facing additional state cuts in education and some legislators are considering consolidation as a cost-saving measure. A former state education commissioner has warned a budget committee examining the issue that administrative cuts would not make a significant difference and pointed out that school closures would soon follow district consolidations. He also encouraged a full study of attendant effects of consolidation, including the length of bus rides.
Rural school district leaders are already engaging in cost-sharing measures and note community support for maintaining local schools.
Fifty-seven districts have now joined the Schools for Fair Funding Coalition, which is considering reopening the Montoy school funding case in the wake of state cuts in education that have reverted to pre-2005 levels, the year in which the plaintiff victory was announced. The Coalition will vote in December on whether the lawsuit will move forward.
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