Rural Policy Matters: June 2009

Last Updated: June 27, 2009

Rural Policy Matters: June 2009
Rural School Finance Special Edition
Rural schools across the country are dealing with the worst economic recession in decades. Citizens are getting involved as legislators make historic decisions....
Facts and Figures About State Education Funding Inequality for Rural Districts
Question: Which five states have the greatest inequality in per pupil school funding among rural districts?
Deep Cuts Go Deepest in Poorest Rural Places
Legislative fight in Washington State reveals unique challenges facing rural schools in the worst recession in decades....
Rural North Carolinians Get Involved in State Budget Process
In a state with one of the worst deficits in the country, rural advocates are working to protect educational opportunities for rural students....
South Carolina Court Orders Governor Sanford to Let His People Go
While looking a lot like a southern governor of old, South Carolina Governor is ordered to accept his state's full share of federal stimulus funding....
Rural South Carolina Middle School Gets Donation of Furniture
The rural middle school referenced in President Obama's address to Congress gets a donation of school furniture....
Percentage of Schools Reporting That Student Acts of Disrespect for Teachers (Other Than Verbal Abuse) Happen at Least Once a Week, SY 2007-08
RPM Premium Exclusives
Helping Middle Grade Students Stay — Or Get — On Track for Graduation
Many students who drop out of school begin to get off track early in the middle grades. The good news is that schools can often identify students who may be at risk and provide them with the support to stay in school and succeed....