What is the Targeted Reading Intervention?

Last Updated: June 11, 2009

Through a partnership with the National Research Center for Rural Education Support, located at the University of North Carolina, the Rural Trust can offer evidence-based reading strategies delivered by the classroom teacher, called the Targeted Reading Intervention (TRI). These diagnostically based strategies have proven to significantly improve early reading in struggling and non-struggling readers in rural schools.
Targeted Reading InterventionThe program is cost-efficient, using webcams and laptops for real-time video consultation between expert literacy coaches at the University of North Carolina and rural classroom teachers working with individual children. These state-of-the-art tools are particularly useful for districts located far from university or other expert resources.
The TRI activities spur:
  • Rapid reading growth for struggling learners.
  • Teachers’ knowledge of evidence-based instructional strategies for literacy development.
  • Teachers’ ability to individualize instruction for struggling learners. 
The TRI professional development process facilitates teacher expertise through a series of connected activities:
  • Ongoing Workshops – periodic distance workshops to support teachers’ continuing implementation of the TRI evidence-based practices.
  • Distance Consultation – regular opportunities for teachers and on-site consultants to share and learn with staff from TRI.
Please contact us via email at info@ruraledu.org or phone 202-822-3919. For additional information contact Dr. Doris Williams, Director of Capacity Building, doris.williams@ruraledu.org 252-433-8844. Also, please visit our website at www.ruraledu.org.

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