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21st Century Redhound Enrichment Program

The 21st Century Redhound Enrichment Program, serving the Corbin Independent School District in rural southeastern Kentucky, is a school-based K-6 summer program and is considered one of the best in the nation.
Working with community partners, Redhound, which gets its name from the school's team mascot, provides high-quality, structured activities that reinforce old skills and teach new ones in an exciting and dynamic summer learning experience.
This 5-minute video produced by the U.S. Department of Education provides an overview of the program and its benefits.
In 2009, two teachers from Corbin Middle School, part of the Corbin Independent School District, were awarded grants in the Rural School and Community Trust / Fund For Teachers Program. Michelle Anderson and Melissa Evans travelled to Egypt to immerse themselves in the environment, language, culture, and history. Click here to browse their travel blog and view other resources from their Rural Trust / Fund for Teachers award.

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