Rural Policy Matters: November 2014

Last Updated: November 24, 2014

Rural Policy Matters: November 2014

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The November 2014 issue of RPM features stories of rural teachers who travelled internationally as Rural Trust Global Teacher Fellows; reports the recent ruling in favor of high-poverty rural districts in South Carolina; examines rural issues in a crop of school finance lawsuits; and considers the implications of charter arguments in Washington State.

Applications for 2015 Global Teacher Fellowship Program Due January 30, 2015
Teachers and other academic personnel working in a rural or small town school may apply for fellowships for self-designed summer learning experiences based in international travel.

Facts and Figures About States Where at Least Half of the Rural Districts Are Smaller Than the National Rural Median
In which states are at least half of all rural districts smaller than the national rural median (553 students)?

To Travel: 2014 Rural Trust Global Fellows Share Their Stories, Part 1
Rural teachers share their experiences as Rural Trust Global Teacher Fellows. The program offers rural teachers the opportunity to choose and design their own international learning experiences.

Long-Running South Carolina Funding Lawsuit Decided
The South Carolina Supreme Court has ruled the state is failing its constitutional duty to fund “minimally adequate” schools in low-wealth rural school districts.

Rural Districts Key Plaintiffs in Recent School Finance Lawsuits
As states have failed to restore recession-era school funding cuts, citizens and school districts are seeking redress in the courts.

Charters, School Finance Ruling All Mixed Up in Washington State
The relationship between school funding for regular public schools and charters can be complicated. Lawsuits in Washington reveal some of the reasons why.