Rural Policy Matters: July 2014

Last Updated: July 28, 2014

Rural Policy Matters: July 2014

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The July issue of RPM covers the deadline extension for School-wide free lunches for eligible schools; examines how Washington State is dealing with a school finance court order; explores Georgia’s new gun laws and how schools are responding; and reports on the Capitol Hill briefing of Why Rural Matters 2013–14.

Fact and Figures About Rural Students and Subsidized School Meals
What is the percentage of rural students who are eligible for subsidized school meals?

Schools May Still Apply to Offer Free Lunches to All Students
School districts still have time to apply to a federal program that allows high-poverty schools to offer free meals to all students.

Washington Court and Legislature Nearing Showdown Over School Funding
Washington’s state legislature is unlikely to meet a Supreme Court deadline related to the state’s school finance lawsuit and it’s not clear what the Court will do about it.

Georgia Gun Law: So Far No School Takers
Schools in Georgia are not opting into provisions in a new law that makes it possible to arm teachers and other staff members.

WRM Briefing Prompts Floor Speech on Title I Equity
The Capitol Hill briefing of Why Rural Matters prompts Rep. Glenn ‘GT’ Thompson to call for reforms to Title I funding formulas.