Rural Policy Matters: April 2014

Last Updated: April 27, 2014

Rural Policy Matters: April 2014

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The April issue of RPM announces the rural Leonore Annenberg School Fund grantees; profiles student-led efforts to reduce poverty in a rural Louisiana community; explores a report on school-community collaborations; profiles the 2014 national Forum of the Coalition for Community Schools; introduces the 2014 class of Rural Trust Global Teacher Fellows; and includes information from a recent survey of American teachers and students.

Facts and Figures About Children and Poverty
Question: Is a child more likely to live in poverty in a rural or urban area?

Rural Trust Announces the 2014 Rural Leonore Annenberg School Fund Grantees
The Rural Trust announces that two rural elementary schools will receive grants from the Leonore Annenberg School Fund.

Students Lead Poverty Reduction
In rural St. Gabriel, Louisiana, students are continuing their work to reduce poverty in the local community.

Community-School Collaborations Improve Outcomes
A newly released guide, co-sponsored by the Rural Trust, urges school districts to expand partnerships with their communities to improve student outcomes.

"Community Schools" Concept Gaining Ground
The idea that schools must be the centers of communities where educators, families, and community partners work together is gaining momentum as seen at the 2014 National Forum of the Coalition for Community Schools.

Thirty-one Rural Teachers Awarded Travel Fellowships
The 2014 class of Rural Trust Global Teacher Fellows will travel in six continents.

Teachers Feel More Stressed and Disregarded Than Other Workers
Teachers feel more stressed and less likely to think their opinions matter than other workers, but policies and administrative practices make a big difference.