Rural Policy Matters: January 2014

Last Updated: January 27, 2014

Rural Policy Matters: January 2014

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The January issue of RPM profiles Ernest Brooks, former Rural Trust Board Chair, whose rural experiences have shaped his adult contributions; presents "Going Two Ways at Once," Part 2 in the series, “Why What’s Rural Matters;” compares urban and rural school closures; reports on plans of rural Promise Zones; and considers all-too-familiar patterns in recent school shootings.

Facts and Figures About School Expenditures: Instruction Compared to Transportation
Which state spends least on instruction compared to its expenditures for transportation?

Ernest Brooks: Rural American Making a Difference
As a young student, Ernest Brooks got involved in community and rural advocacy. He’s been at it ever since.

Going Two Ways at Once: Distance as a Defining Rural Characteristic
The RPM series “What Makes Rural Rural?" examines characteristics of rural places and implications for policymakers, philanthropists, and others interested in making the most of resources and opportunity. In this second installment we look at the effects of distance on rural residents, schools, and communities.

Urban School Closures Similar to Rural Closures
The National Opportunity to Learn Campaign addresses school closures in urban areas.

Promise Zones Include Two Rural Areas
Earlier this month President Obama named the first five Promise Zones, including two multi-county rural regions.

Recent School Shootings Follow Familiar Patterns
Three recent school shootings are tragically familiar.