Rural Policy Matters: October 2013

Last Updated: October 29, 2013

Rural Policy Matters: October 2013

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The October issue of RPM announces the opening of the 2014 Global Teacher Fellowship application process; presents experiences and photos of 2013 Global Fellows; considers tragedies in Nevada and Massachusetts in the context of other incidents of school violence in the U.S.; examines the issue of school discipline through the lenses of safety, teacher retention, and school pushout; and introduces readers to don’t-miss reports on rural dropout issues and full-service community schools.

Facts and Figures About Advanced Education Degrees Among Adults
A higher percentage of adults in metro counties hold college or professional degrees than do adults in nonmetro counties. Has that gap been closing or growing wider in recent years?

Applications for 2014 Global Teacher Fellowship Program Now Open
Teachers and other academic personnel working in a rural or small town school may apply for fellowships for self-designed summer learning experiences based in international travel.

2013 Global Teacher Fellows Share Experiences
Thirty-two rural teachers traveled the globe in the summer of 2013. Read their stories and see photos.

Tragedies Reflect Patterns in School Violence
Deadly violence in U.S. schools tends to occur in mass shootings or in events that target a specific individual. Both types of violence claimed the lives of beloved teachers this month.

Effective Discipline Key to Reducing Student and Teacher Dropout Rates
A report issued this month explores the relationship between ineffective and exclusionary school discipline practices and high rates of student and teacher dropout rates and negative student contact with the criminal justice system.

New Reports Address Important Issues for Student and Community Well-Being
Recent reports highlight key issues for improving outcomes for students, especially those in economically challenged communities.