Rural Policy Matters: November 2012

Last Updated: November 28, 2012

Rural Policy Matters: November 2012

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The November 2012 issue of Rural Policy Matters includes stories that feature innovations in rural schools; an overview of the outcomes of state ballot initiatives related to education; Part 3 of “The Rules We Play By”; School Discipline News; Rural School Funding News, a graph, and more.

Facts and Figures: States That Spend Less Than $5,000 on Instruction for Each Rural Student
Which 13 states spend less than $5,000 on instruction per rural student?

Life is Good: Educational Innovation in Rural Alaska
At Whittier Community School, students take charge of their own education.

The Rules We Play By, Part 3: Citizen Action and Research
Local public schools are governed by a variety of rules. But who makes the rules? This segment of “The Rules We Play By” is the third in a series of RPM articles that explore some of the ways public policy affects what’s possible in local schools — and why you should care.

Some Ballot Initiatives Could Have Far-Reaching Outcomes
Voters decided education-related ballot initiatives in many states this month, some with potentially far-reaching results.


School Discipline Policy

Texas Legislators Grapple with Fixing the School-to-Prison Pipeline
Senate committees in Texas heard testimony in a day-long hearing on high rates, discriminatory trends of school discipline in the state.

Kentucky Court Considers Miranda Warnings
Kentucky's Supreme Court will determine whether students should receive Miranda warnings when questioned by law enforcement in school settings.


Rural School Funding News

Ohio School Levies Meet Mixed Success; School Funding Fight Likely
Voters in the Buckeye State approved many local district requests for funding, but calls are growing louder for a school finance system overall.

Georgia Charter Law Faces Legal Fight
Voters overwhelmingly approved a ballot initiative that would expand charter operations in Georgia. But some opponents are challenging it in court, arguing that the language of the initiative was misleading.

Georgia District Must Clarify Use of Social Security Numbers, DOJ Says
The U.S. Department of Justice has entered into an agreement with Henry County, Georgia to end their practice of requiring Social Security Numbers for students.



Teacher Certification by Locale
Teachers in rural schools are more likely than teachers in other locations to be certified in all classes they teach.