Rural Schools Partnership Newsletter: December 7, 2009

Last Updated: December 07, 2009

 Rural Schools Partnership
December 7, 2009
Student-Led Projects Receive Funding
The Community Foundation of the Ozarks' Rural Schools Partnership is pleased to announce the inaugural grantees for the Conco Community Arts Program and Student Conservation Grants Program, sponsored by the Missouri Conservation Heritage Foundation and CFO's Stewardship Ozarks Initiative. More than 40 student organizations from throughout the region sent in applications, and funding decisions were made by a CFO grants committee chaired by CFO board member, Doug Thornsberry.
Conservation awards:
  • Aurora High School Technical Student Association: $650 to build model solar panel for community education
  • Eldon High School YEP: $890 for stream clean-up and monitoring
  • Gainesville High School YEP: $796 for community recycling program
  • Hollister High School STUCO/Cabinet: $500 for landscaping project for high school
  • Mountain Grove Junior High 4-H Club: $1,500 for school grounds erosion control
  • Nixa Junior High YEP: $1,405 for upgrading school recycling program
  • Richards Science Club: $1,470 for renovations and upgrade of nature trail and outdoor classroom
  • South Central Career Center (West Plains) Creative Design Class: $710 for plans, design, and PowerPoint for community garden
  • Stockton Teen Empowerment Program: $1,500 for walking trail and outdoor classroom enhancement
  • West Plains FFA: $610 for woodlands restoration
  • Willard FFA: $1,500 for the creation of local wildlife refuge
Arts awards:
  • Bradleyville High School Art Club: $725 for pottery wheel for community-based artistic efforts
  • Buffalo High School Student Council: $1,500 for concert for Buffalo, Skyline, and Halfway students
  • Clinton Christian Academy Middle School Art Club: $1,500 for town historical photo essay
  • Fair Grove High School Art Club: $1,500 for series of park-related site-specific installations
  • Gainesville Art Club: $599 for public sculpture and time capsule
  • Hermann High School art classes: $1,204 for relief printmaking that illustrates history of Hermann
  • Halfway Art Club and Leo Club: $250 for community graphics
  • Hartville Art Club: $1,273 for ceramic tiles for community rest rooms
  • Lockwood High School Band: $800 for community band start-up
  • Malta Bend YEP: $1,200 for mural for large, visible building
  • Ste. Genevieve Valle Middle School STUCO: $1,500 for Youth Plein Air Event, a community creative arts program
Congratulations to the Taney County Community Foundation on the establishment of the Charles and Helen Winston Scholarship Fund for students who graduate from Branson and Hollister high schools. This $140,000 scholarship fund came via bequest, and it exemplifies the power of planned giving. One of the real values of collaboration between schools, school foundations, and community foundations is the opportunity to initiate dialogue on the importance of planned giving to rural communities. Please contact our office is you would like to discuss how to promote this important topic in your community.
Wellness Grants Around the Corner
Thanks to the generosity of the Ed and Virginia Herr Family Foundation, the Community Foundation of the Ozarks and its Rural Schools Partnership will be offering a competitive grant program for student-centered community or school-based wellness programs. There will be $10,000 available, and we anticipate awarding between 8-12 projects. Requests in the range of $500 and $1,500 will be considered. For more information go to The application deadline is January 15, 2010.
60-Second Challenge YouTube Videos Due February 15th
Is your YEP or RSP student-grant award recipient group ready to create a 60 second video on one of their projects? Please have your students read below for the details:
What can you accomplish in 60 seconds?
Cook an egg? Mundane. Run a 440? In your dreams. Send a text message? Aren't you the rocket scientist. Help change the world? Well, why not!
The Community Foundation of the Ozarks and its Youth Empowerment Project of the Ozarks are pleased to announce the 60 Second Challenge. The Challenge is a contest to see which organization can create the best YouTube film that portrays, describes, or highlights its work or project. The trick: videos cannot exceed one minute in length. The 60 Second Challenge can be created from two organizations: YEP organizations can make a video about projects that are currently underway, and groups that receive project funding from the Rural School Partnership's Conco Community Arts grants, student conservation grants, or student wellness grants can present on their grant projects.
Imagination and originality are encouraged. In fact, see if you are intellectually capable of transcending mere Facebook posturing. Action films, dramatic reenactments, poetry slams, breaking into spontaneous song, dressing up like Visigoths, and even interpretive dance are all welcome. Entries will be judged on their entertainment, creative, and informational merits.
Why would you do this (besides being part of a generation that enjoys looking at one another on a computer screen)? Well, you can win a hefty amount of cash for your YEP group or organization. The grand prize will be $2,500, second prize is $1,000, and three $500 third prizes will be awarded. Also, the 60 Second Challenge will be judged by your peers, members of Springfield's YEP board (who are not eligible to participate — thanks to the O'Reilly's, they have enough stinkin' moolah!). The entry deadline is February 15, 2010.
Of course, this is about more than money or prizes. All suitable entries will be featured on a 60 Second Challenge web page, and our hope is that this wacky contest will become a forum for sharing the good and important work of high school students from across the region.
Okay. Get after it, Tarentino. We dare you!
Entry procedures
1. Notify Bridget Dierks () in writing that you are entering the contest. This notification should include organization, name of film, and primary contact. Letters of notification must be received by February 15th, 2010.
2. Make sure that your video does not exceed 60 seconds in length — any film longer than 60 seconds will be disqualified. There will be no exceptions.
3. Post your video on YouTube and send us the link. We will take it from there.
The Purpose of This Newsletter
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