Rural Policy Matters: April 2008

Last Updated: April 01, 2008

Rural Policy Matters: April 2008
The April 2008 Rural Policy Matters included articles on the Rural Trust's Rural School Innovation Network, a new project of the Rural Trust that brings together rural schools and districts in a mutual partnership to improve rural education; "Kansas Debates Cutting Funds for High-Poverty Rural Districts;" "Eastern Kentucky University Establishes Education Doctorate with Rural Focus;" and "West Virginia Limits Elementary Bus Rides."

Rural School Funding News

Rural School Funding News: New Education Clause Proposed in South Carolina
The ongoing effort to improve educational opportunity for all students in the state is taking a new direction in South Carolina....

RPM Premium Exclusives

Title I's Small State Minimum
Federal funds distributed to schools to help educate disadvantaged children are distributed through a complicated series of formulas. One of the most political of the Title I provisions is the so-called "small state minimum"...

Education Clauses in State Constitutions
Every state has a portion of its constitution that describes the state's responsibility to provide for public education. This language is called the state's 'education clause'...

State Updates: South Dakota
South Dakota education updates including teacher salaries, consolidation, scholarships, and more...