Rural Policy Matters: August 2008

Last Updated: August 01, 2008

Rural Policy Matters: August 2008
The August 2008 Rural Policy Matters included feature articles on the National Rural Education Policy Agenda Committee, a critique on a report from the Alliance for Excellent Education on the economic impact of high-school dropouts, and review of proceedings at the June 2008 Second Annual National Rural Assembly in Washington, DC.

Rural School Funding News

Rural School Funding News: South Carolina Rural Schools Have Their Day in Court
In a dramatic and at times heated exchange, South Carolina Supreme Court justices assured lawyers for plaintiff districts that they recognize the severe discrepancies in the quality of education in poor and rural schools in the state....

RPM Premium Exclusives

Rural Teacher Salaries: Big Threat to Teacher Quality
Rural teachers are paid less than suburban and urban teachers. This is true almost everywhere. It's true at all levels of teaching experience and teacher education. And it’s an especially serious problem in lower-wealth rural districts...

Indian Education
Only about 1.3 percent of U.S. public school children are American Indians, but these 624,000 students are significant parts of the student population in Alaska (26%), Oklahoma (18%), Montana (11%), New Mexico (11%) and South Dakota (11%)...