Rural Policy Matters: March 2009

Last Updated: April 04, 2009

Rural Policy Matters: March 2009
Facts and Figures About Student Enrollment by School District
How many U.S. school districts enroll fewer than 1,000 students?

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Save the Date for the Next Rural School and Community Trust Webinar: Wednesday, April 29, 2009.
"Innovative Ways for Rural Schools to Invest Title I Stimulus Funds" is the topic of this event.

Give Every Child More than the Best Seat in the House (Chamber)
Rural Trust President Rachel Tompkins helps put the letter of a South Carolina teen in national perspective...

Rural South Carolinians Help District Rethink Consolidation
Communities pulled together in South Carolina to stop the closure of their schools...

Poorer Smaller Districts Lose Out in Stimulus
The federal stimulus package provides needed relief to many schools, but it replicates serious inequities for smaller districts with high poverty rates...

Rural School Funding News

Wisconsin Network Proposes New Funding Plan
Wisconsin group proposes comprehensive new funding plan for schools...

South Carolina Changes Rules to Accommodate Shortfall
Facing severe cuts to education spending, South Carolina changes spending and employment guidelines for districts...


Percent Schools with Formal After-School Programs
Figures from the U.S. Department of Education show the availability of after-school programs as sorted by community type...

RPM Premium Exclusives

Understanding and Developing Programs for English Language Learners in Rural Districts
Across the country English Language Learners (ELL) are enrolling in rural schools in record numbers. Many schools that have never enrolled ELL students find themselves stumped about how to best respond when the first few ELL students enroll or when their numbers rapidly increase. In this edition of RPM-PX we share a report that explores how rural school districts respond to emergent ELL student communities....