Rural Policy Matters: December 2008

Last Updated: December 04, 2008

Rural Policy Matters: December 2008

Facts and Figures About Elected Chief State School Officers
How many states elect the Chief State School Officer (State Superintendent of Education)?

Home Grown Teachers
Rural Bertie County, North Carolina may have fewer local dollars to invest in education than any other county in the state, but it has launched an ambitious grow-your-own teacher program that aims to transform the district...

Obama and the Rural Vote
Analysis of the presidential vote in rural areas with some thoughts for the president-elect...

Rural PreK Challenges
Rural communities face more challenges in providing preschool programs and as a result rural children are less likely to participate, which has consequences for schools, families, and the children themselves. A recent report explores some of the challenges and recommends ways to level the playing field...

Public Policy Principles for Rural Education: Seventh Principle
The Rural Trust has identified 15 principles to guide its policy work; this is the seventh...

Rural School Funding News

Rural School Funding News: Oklahoma Spending Likely to Go to Statewide Ballot
Voters in Oklahoma will likely vote on whether to force the state to increase spending on education...

Arizona Court to Hear Voucher Appeal
The long fight over vouchers continues in Arizona...


Graph: Total Title I Funding per Eligible Child, 2008-09 School Year

RPM Premium Exclusives

"Placing Teachers?"
Some important insights for the appropriate training of teachers for rural schools...