Public School Standards: Discussing the Case for Community Control

Last Updated: February 01, 1999

Public School Standards: Discussing the Case for Community Control

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An Electronic Symposium Hosted by the Rural Challenge From November of 1998 through February of 1999, the Rural Challenge hosted an online conversation to raise the issue of community input in the standards movement that is sweeping the country. A highlight of the event was a January 13 (1999) video conference involving over 200 participants in seven sites around the U.S. with hundreds of others following the conversation from their computers. Highlights of the online symposium are available below, along with the full text transcript of the January 13th sessions. Deborah Meier's keynote address, "Our Challenge: To Set the Highest Possible National Standard for Human Relationships," is included in the document.

The e-symposium was organized around responses to issues raised in the Rural Challenge's (now the Rural Trust) draft statement on standards, An Invitation to Discuss Standards in Public Schools. This document is also included as an appendix to the report.

Following the conference, comments were incorporated into a final version of the standards statement.

Anne C. Lewis, columnist for KAPPAN and also the moderator of the video conference, called this policy statement, "one of the finest philosophical documents to come out of the standards movement." We encourage you to read her March 1999 Washington Commentary column, "A Message For 'The War Room'."